Welcome to the Pinpoint Engineering website

Pinpoint Engineering BV is the continuation of the “Rivercrossing” department of Sperry-Sun Drilling Services.

Sperry-Sun is a directional services company specialized in controlling deviated drilling operations in the oil and gas industry. For this Sperry-Sun has developed its own line of special tools and software.

In the eighties Sperry Sun was asked to apply its special services in the pipeline drilling operations, usually a pipeline crossing under a river. When this proved to be successful the tools and software were adjusted to fit the special needs in the rivercrossing industry.

This sideline service was so successful that a special section was created to focus on the Rivercrossing market. The result was a group of highly specialized engineers with specific survey tools and systems.

In the beginning of 1999 Sperry-Sun was taken over by Halliburton.
In the strategy of Halliburton there was no place for this product so the department was sold off and Pinpoint was founded.

With the experience of more than 10 years and all the special products available we can now offer you the best services and guide your drilling operation to the most difficult targets.